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Financial Planning

“Shareholder advocacy and community investing are crucial when it comes to investing socially responsibly.”

Our Eagle Affiliates

Rob Ostberg, Adam Robinson, Kathy Foote Newman, Mark Goggins, Adam Krol, and Kashawn Sanders of Ostberg & Associates are Financial Advisers affiliated with Eagle Strategies LLC, A Registered Investment Adviser. In their role as financial advisers, they act as your fiduciaries, and are bound by the highest standard of conduct which is always to act in your best interest when providing investment advice. They offer independent fee-based financial planning services including comprehensive financial planning, goal focused strategies and estate planning.

It is our belief that financial decision making best occurs within the context of a financial plan and that the cornerstone of a well crafted plan is a cash flow analysis. Our firm encourages all of our clients to do a financial plan that provides the basis for thoughtful implementation. We work collaboratively with legal and tax professionals to assure that all elements of the financial and estate plan mesh.

Education Planning

Given the rising cost of a college education, it is important to plan properly. Ostberg & Associates collaborates with local specialists to help integrate the college selection and financing strategies.

Retirement Planning

A core objective for most of our clients is to achieve financial independence and peace of mind. Our firm defines financial independence as that critical point when the decision to work is driven by choice and not financial necessity. It has been our experience that many of our “retirees” are not fully retired, but derive many benefits from connection to their work or profession. We build our plans with appropriate humility and caution preferring to use conservative assumptions on many of the items that could impact the plan including inflation, investment performance, taxation, expenses and life expectancies. Further we believe that our clients should assume no more investment risk than necessary to achieve their objectives and that guaranteed lifetime income sources are essential to protect against longevity risk.

Estate Planning

Estate planning is one of the most important steps you can take to ensure that your wishes are honored and your family and legacy are protected in your absence. A well constructed strategy will be in alignment with your existing portfolios, retirement accounts, and life insurance program. The plan will help you transfer wealth from one generation to the next or be established to benefit a worthy cause while minimizing estate and income taxes.

Depending on the size of your estate and your objectives, Ostberg & Associates offers a variety of estate planning services and tools to meet your specific needs. Further, our firm will collaborate with your attorney and accountant to identify and implement effective strategies.